Company Profile

"It is our Mission to provide Sunshine Coast contractors & weekend warriors with a convenient way to access reliable 24/7, top quality equipment that is right for the job, without the need for capital expenditure - backed up by 100% customer satisfaction and the highest rating in the industry."
- Andrew Watson & The Team.

Largenlawn Pty Ltd t/as JC Hire Service started servicing the Sunshine Coast’s Equipment Hire needs over 22 years ago. It started in a little shack in Nambour Qld with only three staff members, but as the word got out about the exceptional range of equipment & friendly staff, JC Hire Nambour had to expand & in 1997, taking the same great customer service our Nambour branch was known for, our General Manager opened JC Hire Maroochydore with great success.

In 2005 our Kawana Branch was opened to provide the southern districts of the Sunshine Coast with an alternate, superior Hire company, while also providing a new JC Hire Head Quarters. Our Kawana Branch has also provided the Sunshine coast with quicker response times for deliveries, freeing up the other two branches to cover their designated areas.

While growing over a period of 22 years, the only thing JC Hire had to change was the equipment to meet the needs of the entire Sunshine coast. We still pride ourselves on the great friendly staff & exceptional customer service that founded our original branch in Nambour.

We take pride in our flexible, customer focused approach, attention to detail and out ability to work with our clients to find the best solution for their needs while catering to their individual requirements.

JC Hire is a locally owned & operated company. That believes in employing locals. While not only stimulating our local economy, but also having knowledge of local areas and problems that might arise where you’re working.

Our dedicated Sales & Account managers are constantly reviewing & monitoring your account to provide you with piece of mind. You can be secure in the knowledge that you are getting the best deal for your Hire requirements on the coast.


During late 2014 JC Hire engaged a consultant to do a survey of the Hire industry and competitors.

5 major complaints or problems were discovered:

1. People get annoyed by Hire companies delivering equipment up to 4 hours late! This places an enormous extra cost on contractors in terms of lost time and having to pay operators while they stand around, or having to decide to send them home and re-schedule for another day which is sometime impossible.

2. If a machine breaks down at night or after normal business hours there was no-one to call who could come and fix the machine or replace it. This is an impossible situation for an all-night commercial or government job. You must be able to Hire 24/7 and get your equipment fixed or replaced 24/7 should it breakdown on site.

3. Sometimes equipment would be delivered broken, or too old, or an inferior model that was hard to use. If you are paying top dollar then you want top quality machinery!

4. Sometimes you are not sure what equipment to Hire - you might think you need an excavator when what you really need is a bobcat. People make mistakes! And now you have to go and Hire a different machine and pay double!

5. And finally, most Hire companies were not very user friendly, with complicated terms and conditions, poor follow up to enquiries, and staff that lacked basic customer service skills.