Damage Waiver Terms and Conditions

JC Hire Services charges an 10% Damage Waiver on all equipment hired. The cover extends to accidental damage, malicious damage by third party's, and theft.

In the case of theft, it must be reported to the Police and to JC Hire Service within 12 hours of its disappearance. A report must be sent to JC Hire Service within seven days of the theft. If loss or damage occurs an excess of $150.00, or 10% of the replacement cost of the equipment (which ever is the higher) it is payable by the hirer.

Theft and Damage waiver does not cover the following:

  1. Damage or loss caused by negligence, misuse and / or overloading of the equipment.
  2. Mysterious disappearance without evidence of theft.
  3. Loss or damage of accessories.
  4. Damage to tyres.
  5. Glass breakage.
  6. Damage caused by lack of normal servicing by hiree including checking oils, water etc.
  7. Loss or damage caused by storms or natural disasters.
  8. Loss or damage to equipment whilst being carried over water.
  9. Damage to electric motors or tools caused by unsuitable electric leads and / or electric leads being too long.
  10. Loss or damage as a result of violation of any statutory laws and / or regulations imposed by Commonwealth, State or Local Government bodies.
  11. Theft is not reported to the Police within 12 hours of the loss.
  12. Theft where proper measures have not been taken to secure the safety of the equipment.