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Apply for a 30 day credit account by filling out this form. It can be completed online or printed and faxed or mailed to us physically using the contact information on the top of the form.


JC Hire Services charges an 10% Damage Waiver on all equipment hired. The cover extends to accidental damage, malicious damage by third party's, and theft.

In the case of theft, it must be reported to the Police and to JC Hire Service within 12 hours of its disappearance. A report must be sent to JC Hire Service within seven days of the theft. If loss or damage occurs an excess of $150.00, or 10% of the replacement cost of the equipment (which ever is the higher) it is payable by the hirer.

Damage or loss caused by negligence, misuse and / or overloading of the equipment.
Mysterious disappearance without evidence of theft.
Loss or damage of accessories.
Damage to tyres or hydraulic hoses.
Glass breakage.
Damage caused by lack of normal servicing by hiree including checking oils, water etc.
Loss or damage caused by storms or natural disasters.
Loss or damage to equipment whilst being carried over water.
Damage to electric motors or tools caused by unsuitable electric leads and / or electric leads being too long.
Loss or damage as a result of violation of any statutory laws and / or regulations imposed by Commonwealth, State or Local Government bodies.
Theft is not reported to the Police within 12 hours of the loss.
Theft where proper measures have not been taken to secure the safety of the equipment.


Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld) (WHS Act) operators of earthmoving or particular crane (EPC) occupational classes are no longer required to be licensed to operate the following types of equipment:

  • front-end loader backhoe
  • bridge and gantry (remote control) crane
  • excavator
  • front-end loader
  • scraper
  • road roller
  • grader
  • skid steer loader
  • dozer

The WHS Act imposes duties on persons with management or control of a workplace ('Managers'), to ensure the health and safety of their workers. This applies to directors and license nominees of companies undertaking their own construction work.

While operators are no longer required to be licensed, Managers must ensure that all persons operating equipment are trained and competent.

Managers must ensure that operators:

  • receive adequate information, training and instructions and supervision

  • are competent
  • use the appropriate plant to minimise any risks to health and safety

While the training can be informal on the job training, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland encourages formal training and assessment through registered training organisations. Training must be undertaken prior to the plant being used and should be practical and suit the needs of workers.


In determining whether an operator is competent to use the plant, Managers may refer to:

  • any previous certificates of competency issued under the repealed Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2008
  • a statement of attainment in a previous Queensland Unit of competency or other nationally recognised qualification for the type of plant that they are operating
  • on the job training by an experienced and competent person which can be verified by logbooks or employer references

It is good practice for Managers to keep adequate evidence and records of competency in the event of incident.


It is increasingly common for younger workers, who do not hold valid driving licences and have limited driving experience, to move vehicles and earthmoving machinery on site. While it is not necessary for minors to hold a valid driving licence, the same rules apply - all operators (including minors) must be trained and competent to operate the machinery.

Young workers often lack experience which may result in a reduced ability to identify hazards associated with the operation of earthmoving machinery or to understand the importance of following safe operating instructions.

Managers should ensure that unlicensed individuals receive in-depth practical and 'hands on' training to compensate for their lack of experience and knowledge.

If the machinery is required to be driven on the road, only an operator who holds a valid Queensland drivers licence of the relevant class and is trained and competent in the class of machinery must do so. The machine must also be road registered or hold a permit (or exemption) so as to allow the machine to be on the road.


A competent person is able to sling a load without the relevant licence in circumstances where there is no judgment required for slinging techniques or suitability and the condition of lifting gear as the following factors are predetermined:

  • the weight of the load to be lifted has been predetermined by a competent person
  • selection of the sling and slinging techniques for the load is predetermined by a competent person
  • the condition of lifting gear is predetermined by a competent person
  • the lifting points are predetermined by a competent person and marked on the load
  • the load is lifted within the view of the operator at the times
  • standard lifting procedures have been documented and signed-off by a competent person

In circumstances where the above factors are not met only a person with a high risk work dogging licence must be operate the EPC machinery.


In order to minimise any risk to health and safety, Managers should ensure that all operators have the necessary skills and competence.

Managers and workers who fail to comply with their health and safety duties under the WHS Act may be convicted of an offence. The WHS Act provides for 3 categories of offences depending on the degree of seriousness or culpability involved. The highest penalty under the WHS Act is $600,000 or 5 years jail for individuals conducting a business and up to $300,000 or 5 years jail for an individual such as a worker.


  • We require clear access to the site to dig a 1300mm hole for the TBS.​
  • Energex will not energize the TBS unless 3 firm stays are present at 120° intervals. The radius of the stays is approximately 2 metres. The pole and 3 stays must be located within the property boundary and the service wire from the Energex street pole to the TBS must not cross a neighbor's property.
  • Wet weather can restrict access to sites and can delay our installation and removal of poles.
  • Mark the preferred position of the pole (normally tight right or the left hand side) on the site with a stake or marker paint to assist us to avoid underground services such as water, gas and phone. Other points to consider are the future point of attachment to the house, the nearest Energex pole and to avoid any adjoining property boundary crossing.
  • There is a 3 metre 'exclusion zone' around the TBS. If any worker, scaffold, roof line or any part of the construction needs to be within the 'exclusion zone', A Safety Advice must be obtained by phoning Energex on 131 253. The inspection and written advice takes 5 to 10 business days.
  • Supervisors will need to ensure the electrician has submitted a EWR to Energex for final connection and there is an account opened by the builder or the home owner with an Electricity Retailer, e.g. Origin or AGL.
  • When Energex have received both pieces of information they will carry out the final connection to the premises within 5 days.
  • Supervisors will need to advise JC Hire when the wires are off the TBS and we will off hire and collect the pole.

Please be mindful of the access required at the end of the job (eg fences, landscaping, building materials etc.) so that we can remove the pole.



These are the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement made on the “Hire Comm” date shown on the face hereof between JC HIRE SERVICE
hereafter called “the Owner” and the Hirer whose name appears on the face hereof in respect to the Hire or Rental of the goods, plant or
equipment described hereon and hereafter called “the plant”.

1. Provide the plant described on the face hereof to the Hirer.
2. Be responsible for all repairs and replacements required to the plant due to all wear and tear.
3. Suspend hiring charges on a pro rata basis if the Hirer notifies the Owner or returns the plant immediately a malfunction or breakdown
occurs unless this condition is due to any act of negligence or misuse by the Hirer or the Hirer’s servants, agents or subcontractors.
4. Deliver or collect the equipment to the kerbside on a designated Main or Council road provided that the Hirer shall make the plant or
equipment available for pickup at the kerbside of the pickup point, otherwise the Hirer charges shall continue until such availability has
been provided by the Hirer.
5. Notwithstanding any period of hire mentioned on the face hereof, the Owner may terminate this agreement without notice and
without assigning any reason thereto.

6. Pay the Owner Hire charges at the Rates shown hereon and for the periods of time shown hereon from the time the plant leaves the
Owner’s premises until returned thereto and as further set out hereunder. Such hire charges shall be calculated on the following basis.
(a) For the 4 hour rate to apply the plant must be returned within 4 hours or the 8 hours rate shall apply. For the 8 hours rate to
apply the plant must be returned within 8 hours or the 24 hours rate shall apply. For plant retained over 24 hours the daily rate
shall apply to the nearest half day upwards.
(b) For pickup after 4 p.m. and return by 8 a.m. 8 hour rates will apply, otherwise the 24 hour charge shall apply.
(c) The minimum Hire charge is as set out in the Owner’s “Hireshop Book” from time to time for each item except that on all
delivered items a minimum 24 hour rate shall apply.
(d) To pay the charge shown on every day of the year unless the Hirer advises the owner prior to any nonuse period that the plant
will not be used and has obtained an “Off Hire” number.
(e) Hire Rates do not include the cost of fuels, detergent, abrasives, cutting and grinding wheels, cartridges, nails and the like.
These items may be purchased at the time of hire.
(f) To pay the hire charges on a continuing basis in the event of the Owner’s plant being impounded due to any strikes, lockouts,
blackbans or the like until such time as the plant is released.
7. To pay the quoted rates for delivery and pick up service if required, damage waiver at the rate of 10% and GST of 10% on this
8. To pay any additional charges for rigging, assembling, installing, erecting or dismantling the plant.
9. To contact the Owner if return freight is required and obtain an “Off Hire” number which serves to confirm the off hire request.
10. To contact the Owner immediately any breakdown or malfunction occurs.
11. To use and operate the plant in a safe and skilful manner strictly in accordance with any Council, State or Federal Government Laws
and Ordinances and to provide the operator at his own expense to clean, service and maintain the plant in good and substantial repair
and condition and to supply all fuel, oil and grease necessary.
12. To return the plant clean at the completion of the hire period or to pay such cleaning charges as the Owner may determine.
13. To accept full responsibility for safe keeping of the plant and to hold the owner indemnified against any ideas of or damage to the plant
and any tools, accessories and equipment supplied with the plant howsoever caused.
14. That any deposit or monies held by the Owner shall be offset against any hire, delivery, repair or other charges under this agreement.
15. Not remove the plant from the site address shown on the face hereof without the Owner’s written consent.
16. Irrecoverably license the Owner in the event of termination of this Agreement by the Owner that the Owner or agents of the Owner may
enter any land or premises of the Hirer or under the Hirer’s control as aforesaid and take possession of the Owner’s plant or equipment
whereupon this Agreement shall be at an end except that each party shall be liable for any prior breach hereof.
17. There are no warranties made by the Owner express or implied which extend beyond the description of the plant on the face hereof.
18. He has inspected the plant before acceptance and confirms to the Owner that it is in good order and condition and further that he has
satisfied himself as to its suitability for his purpose.
19. He indemnifies and will hold indemnified and harmless the Owner and the Owner’s servants and agents from all damages, suits,
actions, claims and demands of every description whatsoever and howsoever arising either directly or indirectly from the use,
maintenance, transport or operation of the plant or any part thereof or otherwise and whether arising from the negligence of the Owner,
its servants or agents or otherwise.
20. The Owner shall not be liable to the Hirer or the Hirer’s servants or agents for any damages, suits, actions, claims and demands of
every description whatsoever and howsoever arising either directly or indirectly from representations, warranties, terms and conditions
express or implied (except in so far as Statutory conditions and warranties cannot be excluded under Par. 5 Division 2A of the Trade
Practices Act (1974) or relevant State Legislation) use, maintenance, transport, operation of the goods or otherwise and whether
resulting from the negligence of the Owner, its servants, agents or otherwise.

Clauses 19 and 20 hereof to the extent that are inconsistent with other clauses, terms or conditions of this Agreement are to override such
clauses and be of paramount force.

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