Lawn Aerator

Lawn Aerator

Features rotating tines for easy turning and greater manoeuvrability. The rugged, reliable design and construction of the CROMMELINS Bluebird Lawn Aerator provides for ease of operation, optimum results and extended unit life. At the turn of a knob, the operator can preset the height of the rear wheels thereby controlling penetration depth of the hardened-steel, cylindrical tines. Adjustments in rear wheel height can also be made to assist machine stability and manoeuvrability.

Altering the Aerator’s mass when adjusting to differing soil conditions is simple. Instead of wasting time and water filling and/or emptying water tanks, two solid weights can easily be removed or added to offer optimal soil penetration and balance for easier slope aeration.

In keeping with Bluebird’s philosophy of building the longest possible working life into each unit, sealed ball bearings are used to mount the semi-pneumatic wheels to the front shaft while the solid-rubber rear wheels (moulded on cast-metal) are attached to the unit with roller bearings.

The use of a protected roller chain in the secondary drive to the tine assembly and front wheel is of special interest to operators in our dusty Australian conditions, as it reduces downtime considerably and also extends unit life. The plugs removed by the Bluebird Aerators are deposited back on the lawn where they break down and become top dressing.

Model Bluebird Lawn Aerator Model 530
Engine Options 3.5HP SUBARU
Clutch Control Spring-loading belt idler. Handle Control
Drive Primary: V-belt to jack shaft. Secondary: Permalube chain-tine assemble to front wheel
Aerating Width 48cm
Aerating Depth Variable, up to 3 inches
Aerating Pattern 7.6cm-10cm
Productivity Up to 2,034.6 sq.m/hr
Wheels Front: 10 x 6 semi-pneumatic Rear: 8 x 2 solid rubber
Construction Welded heavy-gauge steel
Coring Times 30 x 2cm closed spoon design hardened for long life
Removable Weights Two 16kgs
Overall Width 73.6cm
Length 122cm aerating position, 102cm handle folded
Height 129.5cm aerating position, 71cm handle folded
Weight 131kgs