Dingo 950 Mini Loader

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The Dingo 950 was a world leader and a favourite, so we haven't changed all those features that people have come to trust. But we were able to make a few improvements.

New model name - in fitting with our new Dingo K9-4, this is the K9-3. Besides from K9 sounding like 'canine', 9 and 3 were chosen as the sizes of the big (9cc) and the small (3cc) pumps. On the K9-4 the small pump is 4cc, so the significance is obvious.

New arm shape with improved strength - The chassis itself is exactly the same as that of the Dingo 950, but the arms have changed. The new shape was needed to incorporate the new mount plate of the Dingo K9-4, but it also allows for increased strength it its new rounded shape.

Larger Pins and Bushes in the arms - the increase of surface area means that the bushes will last even longer.

New oil tank top - this new top allows the oil filter to be set back within the chassis in a more protected spot. New oil filler cap and breather - the new cap doesn't leak and the breather is higher up in the chassis. These improvements leave the front much cleaner and pro-tected.

Improved operator comfort - Over the years, operators have learnt that standing on the back of a Dingo gives you great visibility of the job and also gives you better accessibility to the job. By standing on the back you can quickly hop off to change attachments or to lend a hand. The new Dingo K9-3 has improved operator comfort with rubber inserts in the operators platform. This new feature gives you buffered protection from the chassis.

Mountplate - the new mountplate is common with the new Dingo K9-4's mount plate, so, while it will take all the same attachments, it is also lighter and stronger.

Plus New Hourmeter & new Key lock.

Despite all these added benefits, those tried, tested and impressive specifications of the Dingo 950 remain the same for the Dingo K9-3. Call your nearest Dingo representative to find out more.

Hydraulics: 2 pumps
Pump Sizes: Petrol =   9 & 3cc
Pro Series = 11 & 3cc
Hydraulic Pressure: 206 Bar (3000psi)
Hydraulic Pump Output: 43 l/min
Max Travel Speed: 7.4 Km/hr
Rate Lift Capacity: SWL: 250kg
MWL: 500kg
Wheel Motors: 2x29 cu in
Engine - Kohler Petrol
Power: 16.9 kW (23hp)
Engine - Perkins Diesel
Power: 15 kW (20hp)
Dimensional Specifications
A. Overall Width: 1050mm
B. Overall Length: 1565mm
C. Overall Height: 1200mm
D. Maximum Operating Height with 4 in 1 Bucket: 2080mm
E. Turning Radius with 4 in 1 Bkt: 1300mm
F. Angle of Departure: 20º
G. Wheel Base: 710-800mm
H. Ground Clearance: 135mm
I. Dump Height with Std Bkt: 1240mm
J. Reach Fully Raised Std Bkt: 600mm
K. Dump Height with 4 in 1 Bkt: 1750mm
L. Reach Fully Raised 4 in 1: 600mm
M. Height to Hinge Pin: 1680mm
N. Machine width with 4 in 1 Bkt: 1050mm
Tyre Size: 18 x 8.5 x 8 (6 Ply) std
Hydraulic Reserve Capacity: 60L
Filtration: 10 Micron
Machine Mass: Kohler = 653kg
Perkins = 742kg
Security Immobiliser: Optional
Engine Warranty 3 years
Product Warranty 3 years / 1,000 hours