Temporary Power Pole Installation Guide

  • We require clear access to the site to dig a 1300mm hole for the TBS.
  • Energex will not energize the TBS unless 3 firm stays are present at 120° intervals. The radius of the stays is approximately 2 metres. The pole and 3 stays must be located within the property boundary and the service wire from the Energex street pole to the TBS must not cross a neighbor's property.
  • Wet weather can restrict access to sites and can delay our installation and removal of poles.
  • Mark the preferred position of the pole (normally tight right or the left hand side) on the site with a stake or marker paint to assist us to avoid underground services such as water, gas and phone. Other points to consider are the future point of attachment to the house, the nearest Energex pole and to avoid any adjoining property boundary crossing.
  • There is a 3 metre 'exclusion zone' around the TBS. If any worker, scaffold, roof line or any part of the construction needs to be within the 'exclusion zone', A Safety Advice must be obtained by phoning Energex on 131253. The inspection and written advice takes 5 to 10 business days.
  • Supervisors will need to ensure the electrician has submitted a EWR to Energex for final connection and there is an account opened by the builder or the home owner with an Electricity Retailer, e.g. Origin or AGL.
  • When Energex have received both pieces of information they will carry out the final connection to the premises within 5 days.
  • Supervisors will need to advise JC Hire when the wires are off the TBS and we will off hire and collect the pole.

Please be mindful of the access required at the end of the job (eg fences, landscaping, building materials etc.) so that we can remove the pole.