Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not listed below, please contact us here...

Who do you hire to?
We supply to both business account and private customers (weekend warriers). Our equipment is used for Construction, Industrial, Residential, Commercial, Engineering, Roadmaking, etc. We provide everything you need to do the job including consumables (like petrol and oil, abrasive discs, etc.) and personal protective gear like gloves, face-masks, ear-plugs, etc.

Your business is equally important to us whether you're a regular account customer or a casual cash customer; Do It Yourself'er, Home-Owner, Sole-Trader, Public-Company or Government-Department.

How do I get the equipment to my job site?
You can pickup from any of our three depots or we can deliver the equipment to your job site. We have dedicated delivery drivers who never miss a beat delivering to all areas on the Sunshine Coast, and other areas by arrangement.

What do I need to provide to hire the equipment?
Apart from hiring the equipment, you will need to provide us with a drivers license (for ID) and we may ask for your registration number too.

Please note that some equipment needs a special operator license. We will tell you if that is the case, and if so, then you will need to nominate the operator and provide their license details.

What if I don't know how to use the equipment?
We will give you a demonstration and discuss operating instructions on the correct and safe use of your hired equipment either at our depot (for take-away), or upon delivery to your site.

Please note that you are responsible for advising us of your competency and confidence in using the proposed equipment prior to hiring and for any damage from misuse to equipment which may result in extra changes being applied to your contract to fix the equipment (please read T&C on the contract or on this website).

If I book and cancel do I still have to pay?
There is normally no charge if you give us adequate notice (see T&C). If you decide not to hire the item of plant for any reason please try and give as much notice as you can.

If I hire long term, can I get a discount?
We have a lot of corporate clients who hire long term (greater than one month). Special rates can be negotiated prior to the hire start date subject to the minimum term being fulfilled.

Who is responsible for keeping the equipment secure and safe whilst on hire?
You are fully responsible for the safe keeping of the equipment either in transit (when you are delivering to and from your job site) or whilst the equipment is on your job site for the duration of the hire agreement.

Please check with your (vehicle and, or, home/business) insurer that you have adequate insurance cover for the item of plant prior to hiring. We can assist in providing any information your insurer may request.

What identification and deposit do I need to hire equipment?
Customers who do not have a business account will need to provide two forms of identification that include a photograph and current address, plus their phone number. Accepted ID's are; Passport or Driver's License.

A deposit may be required depending on the equipment hired. All hires are at the discretion of JC HIRE.

What method of payment do you accept and when?
We accept cash, EFTPOS, credit card payments from most major card issuers, and direct deposit bank transfer (cleared prior to hire).

If a deposit is required, then you will have to pay it prior to take-away or delivery. *Full payment (including any adjustments for consumables) is required upon the return of all equipment to the depot. *This includes any damage to equipment from misuse or accident if assessable at time of return or after our mechanic has assessed the costs which may take up to 48 hours).

Can I open an account?
We offer trading accounts to registered businesses that hold a current ABN. The first hire must be a cash sale as it takes time to open an account. All accounts are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the application form. To get access to an account Application Form, click here.

What services do you provide?
We provide an extensive range of equipment for hire and consumables for sale. We provide delivery and pick up if needed, safe operation instruction, and technical advice (limited to manufacturers specifications).

Can I buy consumables for the equipment I hire?
All our branches hold an extensive range of consumables matched to the equipment we hire, like grinding discs and drills, through to additional petrol, diesel and oil.



1. What if the equipment is not delivered to me on time?
We have dedicated delivery drivers who never miss a beat delivering to all areas on the Sunshine Coast, and other areas by arrangement, plus we'll give you operating instructions on the correct and safe use of your hired equipment.

We guarantee that if we agree to a delivery time but deliver late, due to our fault, by one hour or more – Depending on the situation we will give you a refund or voucher for up to one days hiring fee (subject to our discretion and normal T&C).

2. What if the equipment breaks down when you're closed?
We guarantee to have someone on standby 24/7 waiting for your call to hire, or in the unlikely event that a machine breaks down on site we'll be there to replace or fix it ((subject to our discretion and normal T&C and unfortunately we will have to charge a call out fee for misuse or abuse).

3. Is your equipment top quality?
Across our three stores we have one of the largest ranges of equipment available on the Sunshine Coast. We also regularly replace and upgrade our equipment to be modern and reliable. All equipment gets a full service and 20 point quality check by our qualified in-house mechanics before it leaves our depot.

We guarantee that if we deliver a machine that is not in working order, as evidenced by testing it upon delivery or it breaks-down during the hire period. Depending on the situation (excluding misuse or abuse), we will *replace the machine and give you a refund, or voucher, for up to one days hiring fee. *If we do not have a replacement we will arrange and pay for the hire of a similar machine from another equipment hiring company to complete your job (subject to our discretion and normal T&C).

4. What if I hire the wrong machine for the job?
We have experienced equipment specialists with outstanding machinery knowledge in each store who will give you unbiased advice to hire the right machine for the job, enabling you to complete your job quickly, safely, effectively, and cost efficiently.

We guarantee that if you are unsure of what machine to hire and we recommend a machine for your job and you hire it based on our advice but it proves to be the wrong machine for the job – Subject to you giving us the correct job specifications for the initial hire we wll swap it for the right machine at no extra cost to you (subject to our discretion and normal T&C).

5. What if I am not 100% happy with your service?
Many of our friendly staff have been with us for 10 - 28 years because they love working in the hire industry and solving people's equipment hire problems. We also have dedicated account managers for our VIP customers.

We guarantee that at the end of the hire, if you are not totally satisfied with any part of your hire experience – We will do all we can to make it right. Depending on the situation we will give you a refund, or voucher, for up to one days hiring fee (subject to our discretion and normal T&C).