• Ideal for irrigation installation, lawn sprinkler systems, communication cables
  • Self Propelled, forward, neutral and reverse
  • All Hydraulic for greater reliability low maintenance
  • Compact and light weight for easy operation
  • Safety clutch stops wheels and chain immediately
  • Chain reverse to dislodge rocks and debris
  • Wheel locks allow unit to be freewheeled
Engine Specifications:
Model HONDA 9hp
Ground Speed Forward: 40mpm (132fpm)
Ground Speed Reverse: 17mpm (58fpm)
Digging Chain Speed: 70mpm (227fpm)
Weight: 280kgs (620lbs)
General Specifications:
Trench Depth: 300mm-450mm (12"-18")
Trench Width: 100mm (4")
Boom Travel Up:
Boom Travel Down: 59¼
Front Wheel to Handlebar: 889mm
Boom End to Handlebar: 2060mm (81")
Wheel Width: 711mm(28")
Handlebar Width: 736mm (29")
Total Height: 110mm (43")
Wheel Base: 82mm (3.25")